Rules of the Athletic Training Clinic

  1. REPORT ALL INJURIES to the Athletic Trainer immediately.
  2. No electronic devices allowed in the Athletic Training Clinic, cell phone, iPads, tablets etc.
  3. No cleats, equipment, book-bags, food, drink, etc. allowed in the Athletic Training Clinic.
  4. Athletes must shower after practice prior to receiving treatment.
  5. NO NUDE BODIES in the Athletic Training Clinic.
  6. All Athletes must sign in and pull their folders prior to receiving treatment.
  7. Be on time for all scheduled appointments. The Athletic Training Clinic is not a viable excuse for being late to practice.
  8. No alcohol, drugs, and or tobacco products allowed in the Athletic Training Clinic.
  9. Towels do NOT leave the Athletic Training Clinic.
  10. No self-treatments in the Athletic Training Clinic. Do not operate any of the equipment or machines in the Athletic Training Clinic.
  11. Athletes are not allowed to check email of any kind in the Athletic Training Clinic.
  12. Athletes are not permitted to use the Athletic Training Clinic phone.
  13. No loitering in the Athletic Training Clinic.
  14. Please respect all members of the Athletic Training staff.
  15. Please return all equipment issued to you from the Athletic Trainers. Example: Ace bandages, wraps, pads, etc.
  16. Please do not take supplies without asking for them. If you are caught stealing you will be turned in to the proper authorities.

Whirlpool Policy

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Emergency Action Plans:
Emergency Action Plan
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Drug Testing Policy:
Washington College Athletic Department Drug Testing Policy 

Concussion Policy:
Gradual Return To Learn Protocol
Gradual Return To Play Protocol
Concussion Injury Advice
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