Washington College Athletic Training Frequently Asked Questions

Q: While I was home I had surgery, saw my physician, physical therapist, chiropractor, went to the Emergency Department, or was seen by any other allied health professional. What paperwork do I need to be cleared to play or participate in my sport?

A: We need documentation from the health professional you saw that states clearance for the specific injury or illness you had/have. If your surgeon or physical therapist would like you to continue rehabilitation with us, we need detailed notes on what you have done so far, as well as a detailed progression to move forward with. Please understand that a simple note stating you are cleared may not be sufficient. Each medical document you have must be uploaded to your Athlete Portal via eFiles.

Q: When can I come in to be evaluated for a new injury?

A: Monday and Thursday from 9:30-11:30a, the Athletic Training Clinic will be open, you can also come in every weekday afternoon from 1-3p. After 3p we reserve for practice preparation, treatment, coverage, and scheduled appointments. We understand not all athletes will be able to make these times due to class schedules. If you are one of these people, please contact one of the athletic trainers to make an appointment. Please understand that if it is the weekend or holiday break, the clinic may be operating under different hours to accommodate for competitions or practices.

Q: How late is the Athletic Training Clinic open on week nights?

A: The Athletic Training Clinic will be open for 30 minutes after the last scheduled practice. In the evenings while covering practices there may not be an Athletic Trainer in the clinic. If this is the case the door will be locked, and the name, phone number, and location of the Athletic Trainer on duty will be posted on the door.

Q: I take medicine for asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, etc. Where should I keep it in case of emergency?

A: If you need fast acting medication such as but not limited to an inhaler, EpiPen or insulin the Athletic Trainer at the event should be told where the prescription is. It is the job of the athlete to inform the Athletic Trainer of the location prior to participation. All medications should be kept with the athlete at all times. If you’re at an event without a Washington College Athletic Trainer your coach should be notified of its location in case of emergency.

Q: Where do I fill out my pre-participation forms?

A: You may visit your Athlete Portal to complete all of your forms. You will also receive a link to the email you provided to your head coach. The email with the link to your Athlete Portal will be sent out in early June for the following school year. It will be your responsibility to check the correct email on a regular basis to obtain the link. The pre-participation forms can be found online at Athlete Portal. If you have not received this email, please call 410-810-7495. The email will include all instructions necessary to complete the online forms.

Q: I am from a visiting school; what information does my team need to bring with them if I am not coming? Or I am traveling with my team, what information will you have for me upon arrival?

A: Click here.

Q: Is there an Athletic Trainer in, if the door is open?

A: If the Athletic Training Clinic door is open there is one or more Athletic Trainers present in the clinic. Please walk around the corner if you do not see anyone immediately.

If you have any more questions regarding Athletic Training at Washington College, please contact any of the Athletic Trainers for assistance. Thank you!