Hunter Scott Reflects on Internship in Qatar

Hunter Scott Reflects on Internship in Qatar

Senior tennis student-athlete Hunter Scott spent last summer interning at Doha Bank in Qatar. His reflections on the experience follow:


"This summer, I interned as an international banker at Doha Bank in Doha, Qatar. I also did an economic research project on the expansion and the growth of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries throughout the Middle East.

I was very excited about traveling to the Middle East. I had never been; but I love to travel, and I have travelled often with my parents. As a family, we have traveled throughout Europe, Japan, North America, and South America. During my junior year as a Hansard Scholar, I studied at the London School of Economics and interned at the United Kingdom's Parliament. As part of my studies, I wrote an economic dissertation on the healthcare reforms in the United Kingdom and in the United States.

When I arrived in the Middle East, I was unsure of what to expect. However, as soon as I started working at Doha Bank, I found that the internship was providing a very deep insight into banking and into the culture of Qatar. I learned financial modeling and the forecasting of future profits for companies. I researched the growth and the declines of stock market futures. This internship helped me to determine that I want to be involved in banking and in long-term investing into foreign countries. Washington College provided a strong understanding of economics to me. These fundamentals helped me to accomplish every task that was given to me by the leadership team at Doha Bank.

My economic research project required me to learn about the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries' expansion and growth throughout the Middle East. I learned that the GCC has an aggregate economy of $1.3 trillion, which is larger than the economy of either Russia or Mexico. Oil was discovered in the GCC region in 1912, which is four years after the discovery of oil in Iran.  The GCC region has grown and has now matched the economies of major world-power countries. The GCC realizes its gas and oil resources cannot last forever and that these two natural resources will not continue to grow the individual GCC economies. The GCC has been looking for a viable substitute before these two resources are depleted. Qatar is putting money into its education sector. Today, about 26 percent of Qatar's public expenditure goes toward its education sector. The government of Qatar is trying to make its economy a "knowledge-based" economy. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is converting more of its economy toward financial services. Many other GCC countries are investing in various sectors of the world market.

I highly recommend this internship to all student-athletes who are considering a career in the financial service industry, especially international banking. While I was in Doha, I wrote an economic research paper for college credit. This paper caused me to think about attending graduate school to expand my knowledge of economics and of the world market."

- Hunter Scott '14